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WebTracker: Provides customers with a quick & easy
way to maintain their Defibtech AED.

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AED/CPR Training and Accessory Tracking…
WebTracker tracks AED/CPR training and accessories including the batteries and electrode pads through our website. An email reminder is also sent out to you 60 & 30 days prior to expiration dates of both training and accessories.

Maintenance Records…
A consistent maintenance record is created within WebTracker by answering simple Yes/No questions concerning your Defibtech AED and your site. WebTracker will send emails reminding you to do maintenance records each month. In addition human resource or risk management personnel charged with managing large AED programs will receive monthly reports detailing any AEDs not current on maintenance.

Event Reporting…
In case of a medical emergency when the AED has been used, the event needs to be reported. WebTracker helps record all the information necessary for a physician to do a thorough medical review.

PHONE: 1-877-378-9772

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